Solar Installation

Solar Installation

A solar energy system is more than just panels on the roof, or finding a sunny spot in an open field. Of course, the location of panels is important for harnessing the sun’s energy, but there’s much more: 

  • The quality of the panels.
  • The quality of other materials.
  • Full understanding of how the sun’s energy is converted to useful electrical power. All solar systems work on the same principle; converting solar energy into DC power through the photovoltaic effect. The DC power needs to be converted to AC to run homes and businesses. Which is the best solution for your needs? Storing DC power in batteries for use later or direct conversion to AC for immediate use?   
  • Is the solar system on-grid, off-grid or a hybrid system? Off-grid and hybrid systems use batteries for energy storage. On-grid systems use solar power when the sun is shining, then switch to the power company at other times. We help you determine which type of solar system is going to serve you the best.
  • What are your energy needs? A residence has different needs than a commercial building, or an agricultural installation. We can help you calculate those needs as well as take future needs into consideration.
  • We design and install solar systems that can be easily scaled as energy needs grow. Scalability is especially important to commercial and agricultural installations. You want your solar system to grow with your business. 

Premium Power Systems has the experience and knowledge to install solar systems for a wide range of uses from residential, to commercial, agriculture, and public projects. Each type of installation has special needs. A residential rooftop installation might be the perfect answer for a home in town, but installing panels of a barn roof might not provide enough energy for a dairy farm’s needs. Lighting a city park with solar lights has different energy requirements than lighting a sports arena or a public works yard. 

  • We install top-quality panels, components, and use the highest quality materials. 
  • Products and work are guaranteed. 
  • We make sure you fully understand how your solar system works and how to get the best performance from it.

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