Residential and Commercial Solar Services

Full-service Residential and Commercial Solar Services 

Looking for a new solar system? Upgrading your existing system? Premium Solar Systems has been providing quality full-service solar services to the Central Coast since 2016.

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Full-service means: 

  • We thoroughly assess your needs and make recommendations that meet your budget. 
  • We help streamline the permit processes.
  • We answer all of your questions and are 100% available for the duration of the project. The job isn’t done until you are satisfied.
  • Knowing that needs change over time, we design new systems and upgrades with the future in mind. Our systems are easily scaled as your solar power needs grow.
  • We install on-grid, off-grid systems and hybrid systems, helping you get the most benefit from your solar energy system.
  • We work in cities and other heavily populated areas as well as in rural and agricultural settings. 
  • Building a new home or commercial property? We work with your contractor to make sure the solar system is installed correctly and on time. 
  • We install EV charging systems for homes and commercial properties.

There are quite a few details that go into installing just the right solar power system for any need. Each type of installation, residential, commercial, agricultural, or public system, has unique requirements. Our experience helps us meet your project’s unique needs with solid technical solutions that make sure your solar system performs as needed. 

We use the highest quality panels and materials that deliver years of reliable service. We thoroughly troubleshoot and test your new or upgraded solar system to make sure it works as you expect.  

  • It’s important to us that all of your questions are answered and that you start your solar energy project as fully informed as possible. 
  • Once installed, we make sure that you understand how your system operates and how you can get the best performance for your needs. 

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