Off-grid Solar

Off-grid Solar

Off-grid solar is a stand-alone power system that does not rely on the grid. Off-grid solar systems are important for remote areas, agricultural uses, and for homes and businesses that choose to not rely 100% on the grid. 

Batteries are an important component of off-grid systems because the batteries store extra energy to be used when the sun isn’t shining. Efficient batteries and solar charge controllers are essential for a successful and efficient off-grid solar system. 

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Premium Power Systems can make sure you have an effective and efficient off-grid solar system. We work closely with you from your first questions all the way through installation and actual operation. 

  • We assess your needs, whether they be 100% off-grid powering a residence or a business.
  • We can assess agricultural needs and install solar systems of any size and quantity for powering water pumps for irrigation, to individual barns, processing sheds, or large systems that provide power for agricultural centers such as the ranch grounds, wineries, tasting rooms, and vacation rentals, and more. 
  • We can design and install an off-grid system that can be scaled to keep pace as your needs grow. 
  • We can design and install your system, including providing the batteries needed to provide the power you need.

We use the highest quality panels and materials that deliver years of reliable service. We thoroughly troubleshoot and test your new or upgraded solar system to make sure it works as you expect.  

  • It’s important to us that all of your questions are answered and that you start your solar energy project as fully informed as possible. 
  • Once installed, we make sure that you understand how your system operates and how you can get the best performance for your needs. 

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