Central Coast Solar Company

Central Coast Solar Company

Premium Power Systems is proud to be a strategic part of the positive impact solar energy is making on the environment and on the bottom line for business and home budgets.

We specialize in powering the future of California’s Central Coast communities with cutting-edge solar technology. Premium Power Systems is one of the most experienced and long-standing names in the eco-friendly green industry, and has been providing solar systems and technologies since 2016. We are a Central Coast Solar Company.

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Our expertise is in solar installations for commercial, agriculture, and custom home projects, we deliver: 

  • Full-service residential and commercial solar services when you are looking for a new solar system or ready to upgrade your existing system. We assess your needs and install a system that is easily scaled as your solar power needs grow. 
  • Agricultural well solar as well as other solar agricultural applications are critical components for growing, raising, and delivering the nation’s food supply.
  • EV (electric vehicle) charging systems are becoming as necessary as kitchen appliances as more and more people, companies, and public agencies are purchasing electric and hybrid vehicles. Some areas are beginning to require that new home construction include hookups for EV charging. 
  • Solar installation is more than installing panels on a rooftop. Solar technology is modular and can be upgraded as your needs grow. We have the experience and knowledge to install solar systems for a wide range of uses rooftop or pole supported systems for residential, commercial, agriculture, and public projects, all including on or off-grid power.
  • Off-grid solar is an important capability, especially for remote areas and for homes and businesses that choose to not rely 100% on the grid. 
  • Battery backup installation increases the reliability of any solar system. Extra power is stored in backup batteries and is available to keep the lights on, the office running and the music playing during those times the sun isn’t shining or the grid is down.  
  • Generators are another important component for keeping the lights on during circumstances when normal power isn’t available. Storms, mudslides, and even traffic accidents that knock out power supplies are some of the most common examples of the times a generator comes in handy. 

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The California Central Coast contributes to making California the national leader in solar power. The Solar Energy Industries Association (SEIA) reports that California produces enough solar energy to power over nine million homes and nearly one-quarter of the state’s electricity is from solar. 

Our team continues to grow with the industry, staying abreast of the latest technology, lowering prices, and providing a level of expertise and knowledge that helps deliver the best return on investment. Our strengths are seated in:

  • Innovation and intelligence; the essence of our solar energy management systems for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors 
  • A diversified range of products and services with proven expertise in providing state-of-the-art solar energy systems, electric vehicle charging systems, and PV systems with battery storage for home and commercial use 
  • A team of professionals with the knowledge, experience, and a proven track record of successful job execution 
  • Experienced Central Coast solar company

The role of solar energy on the Central Coast

California’s Central Coast is often touted as the perfect place to raise a family. A wide range of family activities, outdoor activities, cultural events, and strong educational institutions including Cuesta College and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo, along with the beautiful beaches, campgrounds, and hundreds of miles of hiking and outdoor adventures are just part of the region’s attractions. 

The economy is fueled by businesses ranging from small family-owned businesses to corporations and a strong agricultural heritage raising livestock and produce that helps feed the nation. Vineyards and wineries are part of the area’s GNP that has helped bring international recognition to the Central Coast. 

A varied residential and commercial profile relies on cost-effective infrastructure and solar energy is becoming a significant part of the Central Coast. The landscape of the area is particularly favorable to solar panels making new installations the next logical step.