Central Coast Solar Battery Backup

Central Coast Solar Battery Backup

Batteries increase the reliability of any solar system, on or off-grid. Extra power stored in the batteries is available for use when the sun isn’t shining or the grid is down. There are many reasons to install solar batteries with your solar system.

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How do backup solar batteries work?

Solar panels receive energy from the sun then, through an inverter, convert that energy into AC power your home or business can use. For a typical on-grid solar system, the energy is only available when the sun is shining. Meaning that after the sun goes down, or there are cloudy and rainy days, your home or business energy comes directly from the power company. 

Installing solar batteries to backup your solar system means that energy that would otherwise not be used is stored in the batteries and is available for use, essentially around the clock, reducing your energy usage from the power grid. 

Installing backup solar batteries

Rely on Premium Power Systems to supply the best quality batteries and build the battery bank you need to keep your lights on and your business running. 

We can: 

  • Determine your energy needs and recommend the best battery bank configuration to meet those needs.
  • Answer all of your questions so that you are thoroughly comfortable with your solar installation and battery backup system.
  • Design and install your new solar system, or existing system, to meet your current needs and easily expand as your energy needs grow.
  • Provide top-quality solar panels, batteries, equipment and materials with industry-leading warranties.
  • During a grid outage the batteries act as a substitute for the grid so you won’t be as vulnerable to outages. 
  • Reliable batteries are critical to an off-grid solar system. They store the extra energy you’ll need after dark or on those cloudy days the sun isn’t generating power for you. 
  • Off-grid operations benefit from 24/7 energy from solar batteries. Agricultural operations can run when needed to pump water to livestock, water crops and power support operations during harvest and processing. 
  • Backup batteries reduce your reliance on the grid, saving even more money.
  • Large commercial/industrial businesses that have installed solar systems reduce the risk of expensive down time and the cost of high-energy use during peak production times.
  • Backup batteries are a safety net during emergencies. They can keep the refrigerator and freezer running, keep cell phones charged, some lights on and power a radio or the TV so you can keep up with the status of the emergency. 
  • Installing batteries with your solar system means you can also be a refuge for family and friends during an emergency. 
  • Stand behind our work. The job isn’t finished until you are 100% satisfied.

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The role of solar backup batteries on the Central Coast

Along with being a great place to raise a family and a wide range of activities and cultural events, California’s Central Coast is known for its sunshine. Lots of sunshine and open sunny land make solar installations highly popular for the region. It’s almost impossible to take a drive through the county and not see a home, winery, farm, ranch, or other business without some type of solar installation.

But, nighttime still comes and we do have cloudy rainy days. Backup solar batteries have a role even on the sunny Central Coast. 

A varied residential and commercial profile relies on cost-effective infrastructure and solar energy is becoming a significant part of the area’s appeal. The landscape of the area is particularly favorable to solar energy, making solar installations with backup batteries the next logical step.