‘Getting the best performance from your solar panels,’ tips from the San Luis Obispo solar company

‘Getting the best performance from your solar panels,’ tips from the San Luis Obispo solar company

Solar panels are an investment in the value of your property, reducing the cost of energy, and the environment. Like any other asset, solar panels require care so that they continue to deliver a satisfactory level of performance. The team from Premium Performance Systems, the San Luis Obispo solar company, has some tips to help you get the best performance from your solar panels, which include:

  • Professional installation.
  • Panel location.
  • Regular cleaning.
  • Regular inspections.

Professional installation

There’s much more to installing a quality solar system than just putting panels on the roof or on poles in the sunniest spot on the property. The installation team needs to be knowledgeable about a wide variety of matters, including:

  • The best quality of the panels for the job.
  • The best quality of other materials used to install a solar system.
  • A complete understanding of how the sun is converted to the AC power that runs homes and businesses and the most effective methods to generate sufficient AC power.
  • How to determine energy needs for the installation. Residential power usage is different from commercial usage and both are different from agricultural needs.
  • How to design and install a solar system that can be easily scaled as energy needs change.
  • The knowledge and ability to make sure you fully understand how your solar system works and how to get the best performance from it.

The San Luis Obispo solar company has the knowledge, skill, and experience to analyze the unique needs of each individual installation.

Panel location

Choosing the best location to install the solar panels is more than just selecting the sunniest spot on the roof or in a field. It’s common sense that the panels need to be placed where they receive the most sunlight, but there are other factors that an experienced solar installation team bring to the project. For example:

  • How close are hills or tall buildings?
  • Are those hills and other buildings going to limit the hours of sunlight available to the panels?
  • How close are trees? Even if the trees don’t interfere with the available sunlight, is there a possibility of leaves accumulating on the panels or fallen branches damaging the panels?
  • What’s the best angle for the panels to receive the most sunlight?
  • If the panels are to be installed on a roof, does the roof need to be reinforced first?
  • If the panels are installed in an open field, is there a chance that livestock might damage the poles?

There are many variables to consider when choosing the best location for solar panels. Experience is the best tool for positioning solar panels in the optimal location. Relying on professional solar technicians is the best way to be sure the panels are placed in the best location.

Regular cleaning

Keep the panels clean! The team from the San Luis Obispo solar company stresses the importance of clean panels.

What happens when solar panels get dirty? Dirty solar panels can lose up to 30% of efficiency, which results in higher energy costs and possible damage to the electrical system.

Dust, bird droppings, and a variety of airborne debris build up on the surface, reducing the amount of sunlight that reaches the photovoltaic cells. Dirt and debris can also cause the panels to overheat and fail.

The installation team provides instructions for taking care of the solar panels. The cleaning instructions include:

  • Using a soft brush or cloth, remove loose debris, then rinse with a garden hose and low-pressure nozzle.
  • Stubborn grime can be removed with a mild soap and sponge or soft cloth, then thoroughly rinsed.

Clean panels during the cool time of day, and look for any damage to the panels. Report any damage to the solar company that installed the panels.

Regular inspections

Solar panels are designed to be out in the weather and are very hardy, but unusual conditions can cause damage. Large birds, such as hawks or eagles perching on the panels might scratch the surface. A heavy storm, flooding, or earthquake might cause damage. Heavy winds blowing excessive amounts of dirt and debris across the panels might be damaging.

Periodic inspections are going to catch any signs of damage or potential damage and proper care can be taken as soon as possible.

Work with the experts

Working with the experts is the best way to make sure you get the highest performance and longest life from your solar panels and the entire system. Serving California’s Central Coast since 2016, Premium Power Systems is one of the most experienced names in the solar industry.

The team from Premium Power Systems continues to grow with the industry, providing a level of expertise and knowledge that powers the future and helps solar users get the best return from their investment.

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