Solar increases home values, reports Central Coast solar company

Solar increases home values, reports Central Coast solar company

-According to a recent report in Forbes Home, solar panels not only increase the value of a home, but solar powered homes sell 20% faster. Citing a report from Zillow, the Forbes article also states that solar can increase a home’s value by 4%. “Based on what Forbes is saying,” says Chris Austin, CEO of Premium Power Systems, “solar can increase the value of a home on the Central Coast from $30,000 to over $46,000, depending on the value of the home.”

In it’s Housing Market Overview, the California Association of Realtors lists the median sale price of homes as of December 2022 to range from $763,000 in Templeton to $1.15 million in Pismo Beach.

The increase in buyer interest in green energy homes prompted the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to offer GREEN Designation certification to interested real estate agents. Not only are interested agents learning more about the importance of green energy, NAR supplies GREEN Designation agents with special toolkits and guidance to help them best serve both buyers and sellers of green energy homes. Consumer interest in renewable and sustainable green energy has fueled segments of the building industry to also implement green initiatives.

The top reasons that houses with solar installed sell for more include:

  • Energy cost savings.
  • The convenience of moving into a home that is already solar-powered.

Tips for selling your solar-powered home

Here are some tips from the Central Coast solar company to help get your solar-powered home ready to sell:

  • Create a short report showing how much your solar has saved on energy costs.
  • Have the solar system inspected and make that report available to your real estate agent to share with prospective buyers.
  • Make affordable recommended improvements or upgrades.

Work with the experts

Whether you are considering installing or upgrading solar for your own use or to increase the sales value of your home, discuss the project with the solar experts at Premium Power Systems. The company specializes in powering the future of California’s Central Coast communities with cutting-edge solar technology. Premium Power Systems is one of the most experienced and long-standing names in the eco-friendly green industry, and has been providing solar systems and technologies since 2016.

The company’s expertise is in on-grid or off-grid solar installations and upgrades for residential, commercial and agricultural projects. The Central Coast solar company’s services include:

  • Assessment and installation for new solar systems or upgrades. All newly installed and upgraded systems by Premium Power Systems are easily scaled as your solar power needs grow.
  • Agricultural well solar as well as other solar agricultural applications are critical components for growing, raising, and delivering the nation’s food supply.
  • EV (electric vehicle) charging systems installed for residential and other needs.

Premium Power Systems has the experience and knowledge to install solar systems for a wide range of uses rooftop or pole supported systems for residential, commercial, agriculture, and public projects, all including on or off-grid power. Other services that support the company’s effective and efficient solar systems include:

  • Battery backup installation, which increases the reliability of any solar system. Extra power is stored in backup batteries and is available to keep the lights on, the office running and the music playing during those times the sun isn’t shining or the grid is down.
  • Generators, another important component for keeping the lights on during circumstances when normal power isn’t available. Storms, mudslides, and even traffic accidents that knock out power supplies are some of the most common examples of the times a generator comes in handy.

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