Templeton solar company reports the top reason solar is cost-efficient for wineries

Templeton solar company reports the top reason solar is cost-efficient for wineries

Operating a winery is an expensive undertaking. Overall, operating costs are variable, depending on several factors but it’s safe to say that even a small winery’s operating costs can top $1 million. The larger the winery and the more extensive the operation, the higher the costs. Every business manager, regardless of the kind of business keeps and eye on the bottom line, seeking to find cost cutting measures while still preserving quality in service and product. Premium Power Systems (PPS), the Templeton solar company has some solutions to help winery managers find significant cost savings through solar energy.

Wineries and vineyards are turning more and more to solar energy to power their operations while reducing costs without compromising quality. Wineries use quite a bit of energy from water for vineyards, to everything from the cash register and coolers in the tasting room, to office equipment and all of the specialized equipment needed for wine-making and storage. Industry estimates are that 40-60% of a winery’s energy budget is for refrigeration and cooling.

Estimates are that the average commercial property owner can reduce energy costs by 75% by installing solar. California wineries are positioned to benefit greatly from solar energy. The Wine Institute reports that California produces over 80% of the nation’s wine. It’s no accident that California leads the nation in solar installations and in wine production.

California has some of the top wine country in the world along with lots of sun, environmentally-friendly lifestyles and local and state government agencies that support green-energy. The California wine industry returns billions of dollars to local, state and federal economies in the form of tax revenues, tourism, jobs and more. Wineries and vineyards are positioned to be leaders in modeling solar energy for California agriculture. The Templeton solar company has extensive experience installing solar for agricultural operations.

Solar energy, especially when combined with battery storage, reduces energy costs by reducing the reliance on the grid and the expensive charges for that electricity. Especially beneficial in agricultural settings, such as vineyards, solar reduces the energy costs of harvesting and processing grapes and turning them into wine.

  • In the vineyard, water and well management is a critical part of growing some varieties of grapes. Solar powered pumps on remote wells makes it possible to have water where it’s needed without the high cost of electric-powered pumps.
  • Solar panels can provide the necessary energy to outbuildings, wine processing rooms and the entire operation, including residences on the property.
  • Batteries increase the reliability of any solar system, Extra power stored in the batteries is available for use when the sun isn’t shining or the grid is down.

Federal solar tax credit

Along with the bottom-line savings that come with installing solar, the Federal tax credit, now called the Clean Energy Credit, is available to businesses installing solar. The commitment of California’s state and local governments to solar and renewable energy sources also provide resources making it easier to get through the permitting processes.

A discussion with your accountant will inform you with everything you need to know for taking advantage of this credit

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