Paso Robles solar company explains the difference between residential and commercial solar systems

Paso Robles solar company explains the difference between residential and commercial solar systems

Premium Power Systems, the Paso Robles solar company, installs residential and commercial solar systems. At some level, solar is solar, and installing solar is good for the environment and the budget. But, there are some significant differences between residential and commercial installations. The company also installs solar systems for agriculture, which also shares similarities with commercial installations, but also has needs that can be quite different from a commercial building or campus. The requirements of agricultural solar are discussed in another article “The many ways solar energy benefits agricultural.”

The top differences include:

  • Commercial solar power is more efficient than residential power because the panels need to produce more energy to support commercial operations. Commercial installations typically use more energy for more lighting inside and outside, powering business and industrial equipment, longer hours of operation, some running 24-hour operations, and powering necessary backup to keep business operating through outages.
  • Commercial solar panels are generally larger than residential panels. This is not to say that the more powerful commercial-style panels are not efficient for some residential needs. Commercial energy needs are greater than most residences, requiring more power. The dimensions for a commercial panel are 78” x 39” with 96 cells. A residential panel has 72 cells and is 65” x 39”. Larger panels with more cells capture more sunlight and produce more energy.
  • The Paso Robles solar company reports that commercial panels can be installed on rooftops or poles, just as residential systems, but commercial projects usually take longer to complete because there are more technical complexities with the various circuits and different kinds of electrical needs in a commercial operation.
  • The technical aspects along with code regulations for commercial solar installations mean the permitting and inspection processes may take longer.
  • The sheer size of some commercial installations also means the entire process generally takes longer than a residential project.

California leads the nation in solar power and Paso Robles and the Central Coast are strong contributors to the growth of solar energy. The team from the Paso Robles solar company continues to grow with the industry, providing a level of expertise and knowledge that helps solar users get the best return from their investment. The company’s strengths are seated in the:

  • Innovation and intelligence; the essence of our solar energy management systems for residential, commercial, and industrial sectors
  • A diversified range of products and services with proven expertise in providing state-of-the-art solar energy systems, electric vehicle charging systems, and PV systems with battery storage for home and commercial use
  • A team of professionals with the knowledge, experience, and a proven track record of successful job execution

Premium Power Systems is powering the future by providing cutting-edge solar, battery, and EV charging for residential and commercial solar systems in a cost-effective manner with impeccable quality.

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