Exciting solar-powered inventions and gadgets you can’t live without

Exciting solar-powered inventions and gadgets you can’t live without

There’s more than one way to go solar! The staff from Premium Power Systems, the Atascadero solar company decided to take a fun trip around the world to discover some of the latest inventions. They found quite a few, close to 100 in fact. Here are the favorites for your enjoyment.

Hiking, cycling, and hanging out at the beach no longer mean leaving your electronics behind or missing out on the conveniences of home.

Solar bicycle

Check out the solar-powered bicycle by Yanko Design is powered by onboard solar panels in the wheels. The bike is actually a hybrid, powered by the sun or charged with electricity. Mount up! Run errands or take a casual weekend bike ride on a country road. Currently, non-solar charging for electric bikes means removing the battery pack from the bike and placing it in the charger that comes with the bike. Along with providing top full-service solar installation services, the Atascadero solar company also installs electric vehicle charging stations. When public e-bike charging stations begin emerging, Premium Power Systems may very well be at the forefront of that technology, too!

Adventures in the sun

Take your cell phone, camera, and other important electronics with you to the beach, hiking, or camping worry-free. Just bring along a solar tote bag and solar-powered camera strap and don’t worry about any device losing power.

Be a modern-day frontier person with a solar watch. Impress your friends on your next hike. No one has to know you peeked at your solar watch before squinting at the sun to find out the time of day! Solar watches have been around since American engineer Roger Riehl started tinkering with the technology. The first solar watch called the Synchronar 2100 was released in 1972.

Setting up camp

Impress the other campers when you pitch your solar-powered tent then set up your solar-powered camp kitchen complete with a solar oven. There are a few brands of solar kitchens and ovens on the market, ranging in price from around $100 to over $1000.

A quick Internet search turns up a nice choice of solar-powered tents in various sizes that are suitable for everything from backpacking to summer camp adventures. Complete your camping gear with a solar lantern, solar fan, solar tent heater, and solar water distiller.

Dressing up the backyard

Solar lights and yard ornaments are not necessarily a new inventions, but they never fail to bring a sense of the mystic to the backyard. Add in some color-changing solar-powered plant pots, a solar-powered patio table, and even a solar dog house so Fido can enjoy the backyard barbeque in comfort. Add a solar-powered grill and the party is on!

Working vacations

No more telling the boss you’re going to be off-grid for a couple of weeks. A solar-powered laptop backpack, solar-powered laptop, and wireless solar keyboard, combined with solar phone chargers may have eliminated restful vacations.

Pack your laptop and cell phone in a solar-powered backpack from Samsonite and keep them charged. Add a solar-powered laptop and keyboard to your vacation packing and have no excuses to not get in a little work or some creative time while out in the woods.

Solar is the future and the future is here

Premium Power Systems is powering the future for Atascadero solar and the entire Central Coast. Solar inventions and gadgets are fun, and productive and help keep us connected when we are out on adventures, but the best benefits come from solar-powered homes and businesses.

Premium Power Systems has been serving the Central Coast since 2016 and is one of the longest-established solar companies in the region. When you hire the Atascadero solar company you get:

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